What are the health benefits of reading?

We have always heard that reading books is really good habit and ever heard that reading books was also healthy?


We are putting together a few reasons just for you as to why reading is beneficial on health. Here we go with the list of 8 benefits –

1)      Lowers down Stress –

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There are so many activities one does in a day in this busy life. The tension of getting the work done on time, the traffic and so many things that adds up and turns into stress in our life. Reading is one of the most efficient stress reduction methods anyone could use. There have been a number of studies that were conducted and found that 68% of stress is reduced by reading and it takes hardly 6 mins to relax.

2)      Improves Memory and Focus –

Reading requires a lot of concentration and the ability to comprehend what is written. This in turn sharpens your brain’s ability to retain and store information for any periods and also helps impress focus. Later on the focus powers can be used in other various activities of our day-to-day life once reading trains the brain.

3)      Helps find your inner Peace –

If you have watched the movie, Kung Fu panda, master Shifu concentrates highly on finding inner peace. It was not just helpful for the panda but it is for us too, so that we live a happy life. The easiest way is to just pick up a book, article or magazine.

4)      Improves Analytical Skills –

Did you ever solve a mystery case before the book even ends? If yes, your analytical skills are excellent. That is one of the things reading helps us with. It makes us get so engaged in the plot that we automatically start thinking about what could have happened in the mystery case. By becoming a critical analyser like this there is another benefit which will be mentioned in the next point.

5)      Forming healthy relationships –

good relationship

That’s right! Once the reading habit makes you a better analyser then this skill is very useful in having long and smart conversations with people. Join a reading group or if you have friends who love to read too and sit hours together sharing your views and opinions. With any group of people you will be able to communicate in a better way because your language gets better with reading and so you will be able to maintain healthy relationships with people.

6)      Mental health –

It is very important that your brain gets proper exercise and reading is the best workout for it. There have been numerous studies conducted that show that if a brain is stimulated then brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia are really far away from reaching us.  The brain gets mental stimulation from all kinds of brain related activities like solving puzzles, playing chess and the best of them all activities is reading.

7)      Healthy sleeping habits –


Do you have trouble sleeping on time? Then simply pick up a book and start reading on your bed. Whenever we read as in the other points we have seen it helps reduce stress and relax our mind so a calm mind is what we need to fall asleep.

8)      Helps live longer –

People who read have a longer life than the people who don’t read.  There was a study that was conducted by Yale University of public health and through the study they found out that the people who read at least 3 and a half hours a week seemed to have a longer life.

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