Ways to get more out of your workout routine

With the world increasingly giving most importance to the workout to get into shape, fit and lead a healthy life. Are you one of those who have been working out since a few weeks very rigorously and are not getting any results? Well you have made your way to the right article today and we will tell you a few ways that you could get the best out of your workout routine. So here are those few tips that will help you put your workout more efficient.

Make a plan –


Create your own personalized workout plan for the month. You shouldn’t do the same exercises every day and at the same time you should not do different workouts every day of the whole month. In a week, include 2 days of cardio with total body workout, go on a walk, jog or swim one day, concentrate on just lower body one day, upper body one day, core and the last day of the week should just be for stretching your entire body. Then repeat these the next weeks too.

Watch yourself –


One problem that we might have when working out on our own at home is that there is no one to watch if we are getting the right posture required for the workouts we do. It would be helpful if you had a mirror and were able to see your posture in it to make sure you’re doing it right because no matter how much you exercise if you are not in the correct position then everything you do will go for waste. Take a before and after picture also, because most of the times we won’t be able to see the difference ourselves.

Warm your body up and cool down –

warm up and cool down

Warm up and cool down are very essential for any workout, sports, dance or any physical activity. Make sure you do different warm ups every time. The general idea is get yourself sweating so if you are not sweating that means you need to do different workouts. Cool downs are important for your muscles to come to rest because if they are strained you are most likely to be skipping your routine for a few days.

Eat the right food –

green salads

Workout alone is not going to help you get into shape and lose those extra pounds that you don’t need. But it is very necessary that you cut down on your fat intake. If you are working out but eating junk food then you will never see a progress because the next morning you would be just burning what you gained last night when you ate those fries, burger or any other fatty food. Instead you should include carbs in your diet and eat loads of green salads before an hour or 2 before starting your routine. Include loads of fruits and veggies once in awhile you could eat cheese and dairy products too.  Check out the Mediterranean diet we found that to be very helpful in burning calories and also getting fit and healthy.

Detoxify your body –


Drinking water is necessary to remove all the toxins out of the body. Along with water we have other modified hydrating and detoxifying substances like green tea, lemon tea or you could simply make your own detox water simply by adding your favorite citrus fruits like oranges or veggies like cucumber. Detoxifying targets your core and makes you lose your belly fat.

These are few of the tips that could help you get the most out of your workout routine. Simply follow these tips for a month and see a wholesome change in your body. Good luck.

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