Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Want to impress your darling on V-Day? Check out these Valentine’s Day ideas that will add spice and help you to get closer.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for CouplesHot Yoga

Get steamy by taking hot yoga class for this Valentine’s Day. The flow of poses in heated room will improve blood flow and boost your endorphins. Also, your partner will look sexy in a sweaty downward dog. After this class, a shower is mandatory, so make the shower for two.

Get wet

Take a bubble bath together, or if you stay near a remote pond or lake, go skinny-dipping by moonlight. Creating a romantic bath is a chance of feeling relax and getting close with your partner. You can pick the items from home or can order from specialty stores to create zeal in the bathroom. It’s Valentine’s Day – the best time to unwind and enjoy.

Go Ice Skating

Gliding around a public rink is free when you own skates.

Bake Together

Take those oven bits and baking pans, and bake your favorite cake for this special occasion. You can even prepare your favorite dishes instead of going out for lunch or dinner.

Catch a Concert

Check your local papers and websites for upcoming concerts, and go for it. Take your partner to see her or his favorite band. Or, just go for some local music venue where you can enjoy live show.

Dress Up Sexy

Dressing up sexy? Just pay some extra attention to your clothes, shoes, and undergarments on this special evening. Get dressed in your favorite clothes. Your partner will definitely thank you when you present a lace bra or wear witty briefs.

Spice Up Your Bedroom Décor

Learning how to spice up your bedroom is far easier than you think. You need not visit a local sex shop (or online) to buy whips, chains, handcuffs and other bondage equipment. Simply, decorate your bedroom and make it like a love den. You can buy some scented candles, comfy linen, and more.

Have Sex

Yes, but try something new say new location, or even few times on the day. To make it more exciting, try not to have sex for couple of days before Valentine’s Day. It’s tough but the payoff will be awesome.

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