Top Reasons Why Happiness at Work is Productivity Booster

Top Reasons Why Happiness at Work is Productivity Booster

Happiness makes employees to be healthy, creative, productive at work as well as in their personal life. To be productive, one has to be worrying less, prioritizing the task given to any individual. Employees can be made satisfied at work, if an organization provide employee-friendly environment and consider few things like incentives, food, transport and more. It keeps them Merry Some, which can boost the productivity at work place, which keeps an individual making less worry about their daily to do list cost. And will be very much single mindedly focused on work, being creative and much of all a healthy and friendly ambiance to work around.

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To do a task, one doesn’t hesitate or neither leaves unattended for the day about the work if they are internally happy. And would love what they do at work. Happy goers are the most creative one comparatively to others, which can boost up the environment around the office, having a healthy relationship with colleagues, Managers, Clients.


Happy Employees would rather fix the problems on their own than complaining. They have the utmost energy within them that can influence others looking and working along with them that can boost up the entire productivity and profitability at workplace. They are the ones who are always motivated and self sufficient in doing things on their own. They learn things in broader perspective, and apply innovative ideas on productivity, and finish their task in the given deadline. This would not only help them personally but professionally they would be growing up in their respective fields.

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For Example, Working at places like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE gives an immense happiness to every employee working with them. Having an Open Office structure and employee friendly Managers and Peers which makes them happy and that can boost the productivity at large scale.

Encouraging employees on being wrong at workplace not only boost their productivity, creativity and profitability. The immense happiness they have enhances them to take steps which weren’t taken before to be productivity for not questioning wrong for trying something new.

Being happy makes your colleague too happy that can boost up their work and productivity. They are the ones who is fun to be with and would capsize others to be with them. Taking risks and prioritizing things are easy for happy one’s unlike sad people tend to do mistakes and learn things in a very slow paced way. They are the ones who are self sufficient and self reliable taking risk and not being afraid of doing things wrong and embracing on being wrong and apologizing for it.


People who are not “Happy” at work tends to do make mistakes, learn things in an unorganized way, and fell sick at work easily and would not like to be in an group. Being “SAD” not only affects self but also others and people around them killing their productivity and not being progressive in work life.

To have a Happy Employee, Organizations should conduct Outings frequently which can build their teamwork and the same happy employees would boost up their productivity without any targets. Incentives, recognizing their work are the most important thing to do at workplace to make an employee happy. Awards, prizes, and a yearly Health Benefits all such things would make an employee very happy and such people don’t take any Leaves or fell sick and are up to the calendar list to do things. Recognizing talent, work and rewarding will definitely do the perk.

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At the end of the work day they are the one who comes with a SMILE on their face and leaves the desk with a SMILE.

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