Top Apps to Boost Your Happiness

Top Apps to Boost Your Happiness


By was developed by Simply Vision Tech Ltd.

It helps in understanding, engaging and increasing your happiness. What makes you happy? What is your happiness progress? What is your mood now? Download the app to get answers for all these questions.

You get better insights when your life’s data is tracked more. Track regularly to get clear picture of your life.

You can now track and understand your life better with this app.

Track your life and engage your happiness!



By Happify, Inc.

Happify was developed by Happify.Inc. This app helps you to create habits for leading a happier and fulfilling life. Our program trains you to disrupt patterns of managing stress, negative thinking, and building skills to face life challenges.


  • You can join a 4-week happiness track developed by an expert.
  • Wide range of happiness-boosting activities on the go.
  • Enjoy activities, games, quizzes and polls while tracking your life.
  • Get support from Happify community.



BeHppy: Give Back to Charity by Sharing Your Happiness

By FlexYourHappiness Inc.

BeHppy network facilitates and promotes happiness across the world. Share your happiness through photos and thoughts without the need of social networking. The smiles and replies you get from others will give you a chance to donate for charity. Get inspired by the happy moments posted by the worldwide community.

What’s New in Version 2.0?

BeHappy has great impact on global happiness: the smile and replies will be connected to Happy Coins that can be redeemed for charity by the sponsors. Share your donations on social media so that your friends can join and contribute to increase happiness across the world.



Positive Thinking – The Key to Happiness


Find the key for a change of life with Positive Thinking. This application was developed by The power of positive thinking will make you healthy, successful and happy, and helps in improving your self-esteem. People don’t know how to be positive and what makes them happy. Learn how to increase positive thinking, and take suggestions to build a positive attitude. Also, you will find some inspirational and motivational quotes.

Positive Thinking


Happy Now

By Ronald Barr

Happy Now helps in identifying which elements of your life will contribute to your happiness. It uses sophisticated algorithm to correlate your health, mood, energy and spirit with the things you consume and do. You get suggestions and support about which parts of your life are helping you.

How to use this app?

  • Identify ways that you want to improve your life. Are you exercising regularly? Taking healthy foods? Having coffee? Taking any herbal supplements or drugs? Select some four to five things and commit to trace them.
  • It takes 2 taps to track these elements with this app.
  • Register your mood occasionally.

Initially, you will get affirmations once or twice a day and they are general pick-me ups. When your details are entered, the affirmations will be more personal.

happy now

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