Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolution is a most common practice in Western Hemisphere but also found in Eastern Hemisphere. It’s fun to make but very difficult to maintain.


You will have to make a promise to yourself to do an act of self-improvement from Day1 of the New Year. These improvements can be anything learning a new language, improving your knowledge, being physically fit or doing something good. Select one from the following worthy resolutions, and stick with it.

Smile More


It is popular among social psychologists that a simple smile can make you feel better and happier. So, smile more in 2016, even the forced smile has a great impact on your happiness. Actually this effect happens for two big reasons. Smile, it activates release of endorphins, dopamine, and neurotransmitters that helps in reducing stress and improving positive emotions. Actually when you smile, your muscles will influence brain to make you feel happy.

The next reason, smiling is contagious. When you are exposed to emotional facial expressions, you are likely to mimic those positive or negative expressions automatically. When you smile, you will be more pleasing, engaging, cozy and sincere to others. If you don’t smile, your impression will be quite opposite.

Get in Shape


The top New Year Resolution for Americans is to lose weight, and combined with ‘exercise’ and to ‘stay healthy’ is something that a 3 times of population desires to achieve. It’s easy to start a diet and exercise program, but the thing is to find a decent one that gives good results and should be easy to stick in the long run. Getting regular exercise and eating healthy will get you in shape and make you feel better.

Quit Smoking


Smoking is a bad habit that many people don’t know how to quit, it is dangerous for your health and burns a hole in your wallet. Want to quit smoking? Fear that you have failed too many times? On an average, smokers will try about four times before quitting. New Year is the right time to start trying again. If you talk to any ex-smoker, you will come to know that multiple attempts are the path to success. You must try different methods and find the one that works. You must be prepared to dedicate a lot of will power to quit smoking.

Get Quality Sleep


Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your life. With big TVs, Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets with glowing lights and beeping alerts, it’s difficult to get a goodnight sleep. You must get a minimum of 8 hours sleep at night to be active on the next day. Set a realistic bedtime that suits your lifestyle. If you are enjoying good night sleep, you should wake up naturally without the need of an alarm.

Start Saving Money


Save money by making changes in your healthy lifestyle. If your debt is under control, it’s the right time to start saving your money. Start exercising at home by cutting back your memberships at your gym. Also, cut down on all the unwanted shopping and food habits (especially, the unwanted junk food outside).

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