Time to Slow down?

Of course this video and all the Dialup-mode stuff is a 1st of April joke, but to get all your precious moments back let’s simply slow down the speed for a second. Let’s assume the ‘Dial Up Mode’ is true for some time, and see the impact on our lives.

The loading bars would give you a chance to pause and do some little things like – meditation, deep breathing, yoga, rhythmic exercise and more. Just a small tips to be able to reduce stress, boost your energy and mood by fitting these activities into your lifestyle. It took much time to download your photo using 56k modem so that you could find some time to hug your family and talk to them.

Practicing meditation everyday helps in improving mentally, physically and spiritually. There are different ways to meditate, and they involve breathing, learning chanting, mantra techniques and more. Initially, your mind may start deviating while practicing meditation. Train your mind to focus a moment, you will find yourself transformed and feel peaceful in the long run.

Most of the professionals recommend meditation for 20 to 30 minutes every day. It may be difficult to meditate for this time length for beginners but don’t despair. The vital benefits of meditation – improves concentration power, relaxation, awareness, expansive thinking and more, constituting to mind refinement. The benefits of meditation are unlimited and completely up to the practitioner.
Although that ‘Dial Up Mode’ Technology is a bit nonsense, you should find your time to bring your family together along with some precious moments in your life.

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