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Benefits Of Giving Up Caffeine

Caffeine is addictive, and most of the people have a cup of coffee everyday in the morning. Missing a cup of coffee when we are addicted may lead to irritability, headaches and fatigue. Just give up caffeine to have control on your health, and make your body to use natural sources of energy.

Here, we discuss the benefits of giving up caffeine:

Lower Blood Pressure


Caffeine increases your blood pressure a few points and it’s more in some people. So, quitting coffee or caffeine will lower your blood pressure and keeps your heart safe.

Better Mood

good mood

Caffeine alerts your mood. Most of the people report being snaky until they have their coffee in the morning and some feel dull when caffeine begins to wear off in the afternoon.

Healthier Teeth

Woman teeth

Coffee stains teeth; acidic & sweet energy drinks or sodas will gradually destroy tooth enamel and may result in tooth decay. Make your teeth whiter and healthier by eliminating these beverages.

Healthier Diet


Coffees, teas, sodas, and energy drinks often contain a variety of preservatives designed to keep fresh for long time. These preservatives have dreadful effects and some are them are banned in other countries. Sodas and sugar-free energy drinks include some artificial sweeteners that have great negative impact on your health. Please remove these drinks from your diet plan to improve your overall long-term health.

Less Risk of Cardiac Diseases

Caffeine activates heart muscles and makes it to beat with forceful contractions. This is not a big problem for most of the people but people with underlying heart conditions can be at high risk. People can be unaware that they have heart complications until they start to consume caffeine and the harm is done.

Better Health

You must skip taking processed coffee, soda and also energy drinks as they are more likely to have negative impact on your health. The people who take more and more water everyday are more likely to have natural energy, better wellness feelings, good sleep and healthier skin.

Less Stress

Giving up coffee helps in reducing stress and calm your nerves. Because caffeine is responsible for stimulating extra release of stress hormones and disturbs functioning of brain, it may even result in anxiety and depression. Also, it blocks the production of body’s natural calming and mood-boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Good Digestion

Coffee contains caffeine, is acidic in nature, and contains compounds that will irritate and disturb digestive system. In some cases, this irritation may lead to indigestion and heart burn. In other cases, it may lead to some complex conditions like gastritis, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, and dysbiosis. Also, it stops you from absorbing some vital nutrients. Quitting coffee or caffeine is something like showing kindness to digestive system, and make you to process the food effectively and easily, resulting in your overall wellbeing.

Weight Loss

Fit body

Usually, you take coffee with milk, sugar or flavourings, quitting coffee means cutting down the consumption of fat and sugar that can add hundreds of calories. Taking large amounts of caffeine or coffee will slowdown your metabolism rate, and lead to unusual retention of fat in the cells, resulting in weight gain.

Better Sleep


Consuming coffee or caffeine will decrease the amount and quality of your sleep. It’s not recommended to have coffee at least eight hours before your bedtime. You can take coffee only in the mornings and not even in the afternoon to prevent poor sleep quality and duration.  

Health and Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Is Dark Chocolate good for you? Yes, Dark Chocolate is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support skin. It is known to be a brain booster, mood enhancer, stroke stopper and cancer crusher.

Dark Chocolate is not only yummy but also beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

Let’s check out some health and beauty benefits of Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is skin friendly

Dark Chocolate helps to maintain healthy skin. It has antioxidants, which protects your skin from free radical damage and keeps it smooth, soft and moisturized. Thus, helps in slowing down the aging process. Also, it absorbs UV light, and improves skin’s hydration and complexion.

Dark Chocolate offers sun protection

The flavanols found in Dark Chocolate protects your skin from sunburn, redness and other signs of UV damage.

Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

Adding a Dark Chocolate to your diet plan will help in losing weight. Dark Chocolate is highly filling and lessens cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods. It plays key role in promoting fullness which prevents you from eating more and keeps your weight in control. Dark Chocolate contains MUFAs and healthy fats that will develop your metabolism to burn fat and calories. So, it is recommended to add a small portion of Dark Chocolate to your diet plan for promoting good health.

Dark Chocolate is a Stress Buster

Daily consumption of 40 grams of Dark Chocolate for about two weeks will reduce levels of stress causing hormones such as  cortisol and catecholamines. Too much stress spoils your beauty and eating a chocolate relieves you from strain and makes you feel happy.

Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Flow and Lowers Blood Pressure

Dark Chocolate is rich in minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium and potassium.

Magnesium helps in preventing high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Copper and potassium helps in preventing cardiovascular complications. Iron protects you from anemia.

Dark Chocolate for a healthy heart

Having a dark chocolate on regular basis reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Eating a Dark Chocolate two or three times a week improves blood flow, prevents blood clots, cell damage and inflammation.

Dark Chocolate Boosts Your Brain

Eating a Dark Chocolate on regular basis improves your memory performance and problem solving skills. Chocolate contains a chemical compound known as Phenylethylamine (PEA), which encourages brain to release endorphins that makes you feel happy.

Also, it contains caffeine, which is the key reason for improving brain functionality. The caffeine levels in Dark Chocolate are less when compared to caffeine in coffee. It even improves your verbal fluency and the risk factors for disease.

Dark Chocolate for Healthy Teeth

Dark Chocolate contains theobromine, which helps in removing bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Dark Chocolate Improves Your Mood

Dark Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which makes your brain to release endorphins – the Feel Good hormones that lift your mood. Also, it has a chemical called serotonin that acts as an anti-depressant.

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips



According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a woman who walks at least 4 hours per week is more likely to lose weight by 44% than a woman who doesn’t walk. Make sure you walk at least 45 minutes every day, which helps in melting 240 calories for your wellbeing support. Get off the bus or train one stop before and take few steps. Also take the stairs instead of elevators. This will increase the number of calories burnt per day, and thereby helps in dropping your pounds.

Don’t skip your breakfast

healthy breakfast

Research states that having breakfast at the right time helps in controlling your weight. Most of the people think skipping breakfast can reduce their weight but it’s wrong and you will miss essential nutrients required for your body. This way, you feel hungry and snack more throughout the day. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes after you wake up from the bed. This makes your metabolism working and helps in burning calories. It’s recommended to have a healthy mix of protein and whole grains of 300 calories in your breakfast.

Eat clean to lose weight

fruits and vegetables

If you are trying to take off weight, adopting a clean-eating lifestyle will give you better results. Processed foods should be replaced with natural, unrefined choices might seemtough at first, but slowly it makes you feel good. Every morning start with a smart sip of a healthy green juice or a mix of hot water and lemon juice before breakfast. Kick out refined carbs, and take fiber foods, which supports your digestion and increase your energy levels. Fueling up with coffee can make you feel anxious and vague, so swap with anantioxidant-rich green tea. Hydration is vital to a healthy lifestyle and sipping on water throughout the night makes you feel energized and focused the next morning. So, adopt a healthy eating lifestyle to lose your weight.

Cut down on alcohol


Do you know a standard glass of wine contain many calories as a chocolate piece, and a pint of lager has equal calories of a crisps packet?Alcohol and weight loss are the greatest enemies, but occasional drink will have place in a healthy lifestyle. Overtime, drinking alcohol regularly will make you gain weight. Vodka and gin are less calorific than other alcoholic drinks. Research states that the people who take alcohol in moderation are less likely to be obese than non-drinkers. But,if the alcohol consumption is more then it results in overweight and obesity.

Lose weight by sleeping more

sleep more

A recent study states that more hours in sack make you slim down by decreasing the control of your genes on your weight. Body weight is shaped by both genetic and environmental factors that combine to shape how much you weigh. If you get less sleep then your genes contribute more to your weight gain, and vice versa. Sleeping more than 9 hours per night will decrease the influence of your genes on your weight. This gives more power to environmental factors like exercise and diet, which can be controlled. Trying different workouts will give you good night’s sleep, which helps in losing even more weight.

Top 5 health benefits of walking every day

Walking is an easiest way to maintain your general health. It’s enjoyable, and recommended for all the age groups. Walking regularly helps in preventing and controlling the most common health issues.

Top 5 health benefits of walking every day

Walk to strengthen your heart

Walking helps in lowering your cholesterol, and reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. According to American Heart Association, 30 minutes walk per day will lower the risk of heart stroke. Walking 30 minutes every day will prevent and control high blood pressure and the heart stroke risk by 27%.

Regular walk lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and keeps blood pressure in check. It’s the best way to improve your overall health.

Make fitness more fun by walking more and more steps every day, and chart your progress using a pedometer or other fitness tracking devices. You can challenge yourself, friends and family to move more steps every day.

Walk to manage your weight

weight management

When you want to lose or manage weight, calories come into picture. To mange weight, both the calories you consume through food and calories you burn through activity are considered.

In the process of losing weight, you must burn 600 calories per day than you’re eating. The easiest way to burn calories is walking.

The researchers at Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston states that the women who take good diet and walked for about 60 minutes every day are successful in maintaining their weight. Also, walking increases muscle mass and tone, metabolism rate is fast when you have more muscle.

A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health states that the dog owners walk more each week, and they reach required levels of physical activity than others.

Walk to Control or Prevent Diabetes

diabetes control

Walking is the easiest medicine to prevent diabetes, or helps in reducing its complications such as heart attack. Just a 30 minute walk helps in lowering blood sugar for 24 hours, says –Tami Ross, RD, LD, a representative for the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

According to Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, the women who did moderate physical activity for 30 minutes such as brisk walking reduced their risk of diabetes by 30%. Also, walking helps in shrinking the unsafe abdominal fat that raises your diabetes risk.

A Canadian study states that brisk walk for about 60 minutes per day helps in decreasing belly fat in women by 20% within 14 weeks, and without changing your eating habits.

Walk to Reduce the Risk of Cancer


According to the new research published journal Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention states that walking may reduce the risk of developing cancer. Researchers state that postmenopausal women who were active or walked for 60 minutes per day had a reduced risk of breast cancer by 14%.

A research conducted on a group of 73,615 postmenopausal women, who participated in vigorous physical activity every day had 25% lower risk of developing breast cancer, and women who walked 60 minutes per day had 14% lower risk of breast cancer.

A study conducted by University of California, San Francisco, and Harvard University states men who treated for prostate cancer and who brisk walk every day reduced their chances of reoccurrence.

Walk to Improve Your Mood

improves mood

Brisk walk is a mood-booster, and helps in treating depression.  When you walk, feel-good endorphins are released, helping you relax and make you feel better about life.

According to the Harvard Health Publications report on depression and exercise, researchers state that brisk walk for 60 minutes every day, 3 days a week or 35 minutes every day, five days a week, will reduce depression symptoms.

A Portuguese study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research states that walking for 30 to 45 minutes five times a week has great impact on the depress adults when medication alone didn’t help them.

A brisk walk for about 10 minutes also improves your mood and energy, the results lasts up to 2 hours.