The Best Ways to Trim Your Waist

Having a slim waist in proportion to your body shape is an attractive feature for women, and they try hard to get it. However, genetics will determine natural waist size, but you can achieve a smaller waist by changing your lifestyle, doing simple exercises and, following a perfect diet plan, etc.



Jump Rope Skipping



Jumping rope is the best exercise for slimming your waist. This exercise helps in increasing your metabolism rate. Try to do some difficult movements that involve muscles as twisting your waist left and right while jumping. When you get comfortable with it, try some high intensity movements with jumping rope.

  • Jump rope with high speed for about 40 seconds.
  • Take break for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat for 5 times, take break for one minute, and continue.
  • This helps in burning more calories during workout and creates great impact in burning fat after the workout.

Ski Twists

Jumping jacks can be boring but they turn out to be ultimate fat burners. To make it interesting, try doing ski twists. It’s easy, just keep your feet together and twist your hips than throwing your arms. Simply, jump and twist to left, back to center, twist to right and then come back to center. This exercise helps in burning your body fat quickly.

Eat Little and Often

Regular meals keeps your blood glucose steady, which is necessary for diabetic people. Also, you need not wait long for your next meal, which reduces your temptation for a cake or ice cream as you pass the eatery. So, it’s highly recommended to take food in smaller amounts at regular intervals and skip rich, large meals, especially in the late nights.

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

It’s recommended to add peppers to your meal. Just add hot peppers in your meal or take before a meal to boost your metabolism rate by 25%, and increase your calorie burning capacity up to 3 hours.

Move More



You need not join a gym or fitness center, unless you want to. Simply, add some easy activities into your daily routine, something like taking stairs instead of the lift. Instead of standing still on the escalator, you can walk up the escalator. Try to use the shopping basket than a trolley when you are in supermarkets, it even prevents unnecessary spending.




Eating yogurt as a snack alternative is highly recommended, it has great impact in slimming down your belly fat. Take only the plain and protein rich Greek yogurt with honey or fresh fruit or chia seeds, and not the flavored versions containing sugar.

Go Dense

Did you heard about energy density? It’s nothing but low-energy-dense foods, weight for weight, and these foods will have low energy or calories than other foods. They make you feel enough, but at low calorie cost. Fruits and vegetables are low-energy density foods, next you can go for beans and bananas. Most importantly, please try to avoid foods like butter and burgers as they are very-high energy foods.