5 Ways Video Games Can be Good for Your Health

Well, Playing video games isn’t that bad too for your health. Yes, whatever you have heard of video games are perception of others. Here is the reason “Why playing Video Games can be good for your Kids”.

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Toss to Alzheimer Disease:

Playing the right Video Games can be good for your Brain. As it will not only help kids, even adults to remember things, because when you play video games it co-ordinates between your mind and body. Folks who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, playing 3D Video Games will boost their body and mind coordination as researchers have found during their study research.

Friends and Spouses:

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You don’t just play online video games, while you play online games you make friends, which lasts for life time. In fact many have found their spouses while playing Online Games. Playing Rummy Cards,  where in you involve in a group of people interact with them, have gossip, share your views, comments, a pack of cards isn’t that an game but while playing Online Games you make BEST Friends too.



Here is something very interesting thing that would certainly catch up everyone’s attention. While you play online games you don’t just spend time on internet Games, you even make a lot of bounty Cash prize rewards. There are fortunate people who made huge amount of money, lottery prizes while playing Online Games. It’s a fortune of Luck and Wisdom for those who choose to play the Video games or Online Games.

Career Opportunity:

career opportunity

Play it just not for fun but yes, some do play it to make a career out of it. Gaming Zone companies hire candidates who are very well adverse in Video Games who get salary on par with others in the market. The Pay package is huge and exciting career opportunity. All you need to do is playing Video Games of while at office for those who are passionate and enthusiastic in making a career out of it. The career opportunities are vast and that comes with good pay.

Problem Solving Skills

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Here are a few list of games that can boost up your strategic problem solving skills while you play and make yourself a smarter and healthy person. Playing Chess, improves your thinking power, focus. Playing Action games can improve your eyesight and ability to identify things in a fast paced manner, which helps in eye and mind coordination. Building Blocks games, 3D Tennis are few listed games which helps you to think beyond your imagination and helps you to solve problems in a strategic way and few Video Games make you to get out of your Couch Potato, comfortable zone and makes you fit while you play.

So, next time when your kids, adults play video games don’t let them play alone, join them and become a smarter and healthy person. As Playing Video Games helps ageing process according to research study program. It’s bad when you sit in more on couch and waste your time in unwanted games which doesn’t involve mind work.

Playing Video Games daily can boost your mind and ability to think faster and solve your problems. If you have an very exhaustive day at work, grab a playstation and have fun as playing Video Games relieves Stress and relaxes your mind and body and lets you forget about your work stress.

Ways to Boost Your Confidence in 5 Minutes or Less

Want to boost your confidence? Set aside 5 minutes and try any of these confidence boosting activities that will make a difference.



Chocolate has endorphins which makes you feel happy. When you are happier, you will be more confident. Just take few bites after lunch or dinner to keep you satisfied and sunny throughout your day.


Taking flattering photos of yourself, even if they are not shared on social media, is a fun way to improve your confidence. Find a decent light, come to a pose, and click the camera. You can also add some cool touch by using editing effects on your photos.


The foods containing amino acids and tryptophan will boost serotonin, a chemical that makes you more confident and calm. Take tryptophan rich foods like leafy vegetables, turkey, and buckwheat to be healthy, happy, and stay confident throughout the day.


Spending time in green space will reduce stress and cures brain fatigue. Motherhood is extremely tiring, and it’s hard to think well of yourself when you are tired. So, it’s better to take your kids to park, look for a garden or can have lunch under a shady tree.


Exercise, even if it’s short, leisure walk, releases endorphins and serotonin, which makes you to feel confident. These feel-good chemicals will make you feel that you will be going to achieve something big, which improves your self-esteem and happiness.


Listening to your favorite upbeat music and focusing on some positive energy  improves your mood. Just create a playlist of confidence and happiness boosting songs and listen continuously until you feel better.


Smelling the scent of citrus relieves stress and improves your mood. When you are happier, you will be optimistic about everything. Also, you will feel even more overwhelming when you get compliments on your fruity scent.


We typically take 12 to 16 breaths per minute but deep inhales and exhales can slow down to 4 to 6 breaths per minute and helps you feel better and think more clear by decreasing fight-or-flight response. Continue taking deep breaths until you become calm and cool, this way you can handle any situation confidently. When your stress response is diminished, you will have clear mind and clarity to go out and face whatever comes to you.


You might be having a friend or co-worker who is playful? Well, she may be irritating but actually she is good for your health. Surround yourself with happy people who always have a smile on their face to feel good and happy, which even boosts your self-confidence.


According to recent British study, you can boost your confidence by simply dressing in red color to work. If you are not comfortable in wearing full red, just carry a red purse, wear big red drop earrings, or tie on a red scarf.


Bright light helps in releasing mood-boosting chemical known as serotonin, which makes you confident. Before walking into the meeting, just glance up the sky. Small exposure to sunlight will wake you up, lifts your spirits and improves your confidence.


Most of the people worry about upsetting future events – new jobs, block party you’re hosting next week, speeches, but instead of having anxiety, do something to prepare. The best thing you can do is write your fears ahead and try to find appropriate solution to each concern.

Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever

If you really love yourself then quit smoking. When you smoke, you are slowly killing yourself. Whether you’re a teen smoker or lifetime smoker, quitting is tough. Quitting smoking can be hard or easy, and it depends on how you go about it. But, you can break the addiction by following a perfect quit smoking plan. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 48 million adults are former smokers. Here, we discuss some vital tips that help you to quit smoking.

Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever

Know Why You Want to Quit

Want to quit smoking? But do you know why? It’s bad for your health. You need a strong reason to quit smoking such as protecting your family from secondhand smoke, lung cancer and to look younger. So, select a strong reason that really helps you to quit smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

When you stop smoking, it’s difficult for your body to get adjusted. So, ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, it makes you feel comfort during the initial stage of withdrawal period. This therapy helps in reducing the feelings caused by nicotine withdrawal like depression, frustration, anger and more. You can reduce these feelings by opting for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Studies state that nicotine gum, patches and lozenges will double your chances of quitting smoking when used with serious behavioral program. But, make sure to know that these products are not recommended when you are smoking.

Don’t Go It Alone

Tell your colleagues, friends and family members that you’re trying to give up. Their encouragement makes all the difference. It’s also recommended to join some support groups or talk to a counselor. You can opt for behavioral therapy, it’s a counseling that helps in identifying and sticking to quit smoking approach. To get best results, combine behavioral therapy with nicotine replacement therapy.

Manage Stress

The main reason people smoke is to get some relaxation from stress. But, you can cope of stress by listening to music or learning yoga. Go to a spa, it helps in managing your stress even more. Moreover, avoid stressful situations so that you won’t be tempted to lighting up a cigarette.

Physical Activity

Physical activity, it’s the best way to get distracted from smoking. It helps in reducing nicotine cravings. So, put on your shoes and start running or move out by taking your dog. Also, enrolling in a gym or engaging in a sport will divert your attention.