The Best Ways to Trim Your Waist

Having a slim waist in proportion to your body shape is an attractive feature for women, and they try hard to get it. However, genetics will determine natural waist size, but you can achieve a smaller waist by changing your lifestyle, doing simple exercises and, following a perfect diet plan, etc.



Jump Rope Skipping



Jumping rope is the best exercise for slimming your waist. This exercise helps in increasing your metabolism rate. Try to do some difficult movements that involve muscles as twisting your waist left and right while jumping. When you get comfortable with it, try some high intensity movements with jumping rope.

  • Jump rope with high speed for about 40 seconds.
  • Take break for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat for 5 times, take break for one minute, and continue.
  • This helps in burning more calories during workout and creates great impact in burning fat after the workout.

Ski Twists

Jumping jacks can be boring but they turn out to be ultimate fat burners. To make it interesting, try doing ski twists. It’s easy, just keep your feet together and twist your hips than throwing your arms. Simply, jump and twist to left, back to center, twist to right and then come back to center. This exercise helps in burning your body fat quickly.

Eat Little and Often

Regular meals keeps your blood glucose steady, which is necessary for diabetic people. Also, you need not wait long for your next meal, which reduces your temptation for a cake or ice cream as you pass the eatery. So, it’s highly recommended to take food in smaller amounts at regular intervals and skip rich, large meals, especially in the late nights.

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

It’s recommended to add peppers to your meal. Just add hot peppers in your meal or take before a meal to boost your metabolism rate by 25%, and increase your calorie burning capacity up to 3 hours.

Move More



You need not join a gym or fitness center, unless you want to. Simply, add some easy activities into your daily routine, something like taking stairs instead of the lift. Instead of standing still on the escalator, you can walk up the escalator. Try to use the shopping basket than a trolley when you are in supermarkets, it even prevents unnecessary spending.




Eating yogurt as a snack alternative is highly recommended, it has great impact in slimming down your belly fat. Take only the plain and protein rich Greek yogurt with honey or fresh fruit or chia seeds, and not the flavored versions containing sugar.

Go Dense

Did you heard about energy density? It’s nothing but low-energy-dense foods, weight for weight, and these foods will have low energy or calories than other foods. They make you feel enough, but at low calorie cost. Fruits and vegetables are low-energy density foods, next you can go for beans and bananas. Most importantly, please try to avoid foods like butter and burgers as they are very-high energy foods.


You all know the importance of Exercise in daily life, it makes your body fit, strong and healthy. Also, it improves your brain’s functioning, makes you sharper, focused and happier.

you must aim to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every day to attain optimum mood, memory and mental performance. It keeps your heart rate up and makes you physically active during the day.

Here, we discuss the 9 ways exercise keeps your brain in shape:

Exercise Feeds Your Brain

Exercise primes for better performance as it increases cerebral blood flow – supplying oxygen and nutrients to the hungry neurons. Also, exercise triggers release of some growth factors that improve neuronal functioning and overall health.

Exercise Improves Your Memory

Getting your heart rate up improves blood flow to brain, which improves brain’s memory and functioning. According to the study conducted by University of British Columbia, researchers found that regular exercise will increase the brain volume. Patients in study showed 10 % to 15 % better on different attention and memory tasks after their exercise.

Exercise Improves Your Mood

good mood

Exercise and mood regulation plays vital role in our day to day lives. Sitting for long time will increase the symptoms of anxiety. Doing physical activity on regular basis will boosts the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which improves your mood and makes you feel happy. The extra benefit is this improved mood encourages you to continue doing exercise.

Exercise Boosts Your Focus


Prolonged sitting is hazardous for your brain as it decreases cerebral blood flow, specifically to the pre-frontal cortex. If you stand more, it boosts your attention and helps you to focus on your work for long time. So, it’s recommended to look for the opportunities to stand and move during the day – when you are on phone, chatting with friends and more.  

Exercise Reduces Your Risk of Disease


Exercise helps in regulating blood sugar levels and controls diabetes. You can improve the risk of hypertension, type two diabetes and heart disease by doing exercise on regular basis. It’s recommended to add regular exercise into your daily lives to be happy and stay healthy.

Exercise Prevents Age-Related Decline

Brain shrinks as you age, but regular exercise helps in reducing or stopping this. You need not do strong exercises, a simple daily walking is enough to prevent aging related decline.

Exercise Will Reduce Depression


Exercise is effective at chasing blues, it even helps in treating the major depressive disorder. The researchers at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center states certain clinical guidelines for required exercise dose, which should be recommended by the doctors to their patients.

Exercise Makes You To Feel Happier


Exercise boosts your mood in many ways, it helps in increasing the levels of mood related neurotransmitters like noradrenalin and serotonin along with the neurohormone endorphin, which is a natural morphine generated by the brain.

Exercise Increases The Growth of New Brain Cells
Exercise improves neurogenesis, it’s a process in which brain generates 700 new neurons every day.


Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolution is a most common practice in Western Hemisphere but also found in Eastern Hemisphere. It’s fun to make but very difficult to maintain.


You will have to make a promise to yourself to do an act of self-improvement from Day1 of the New Year. These improvements can be anything learning a new language, improving your knowledge, being physically fit or doing something good. Select one from the following worthy resolutions, and stick with it.

Smile More


It is popular among social psychologists that a simple smile can make you feel better and happier. So, smile more in 2016, even the forced smile has a great impact on your happiness. Actually this effect happens for two big reasons. Smile, it activates release of endorphins, dopamine, and neurotransmitters that helps in reducing stress and improving positive emotions. Actually when you smile, your muscles will influence brain to make you feel happy.

The next reason, smiling is contagious. When you are exposed to emotional facial expressions, you are likely to mimic those positive or negative expressions automatically. When you smile, you will be more pleasing, engaging, cozy and sincere to others. If you don’t smile, your impression will be quite opposite.

Get in Shape


The top New Year Resolution for Americans is to lose weight, and combined with ‘exercise’ and to ‘stay healthy’ is something that a 3 times of population desires to achieve. It’s easy to start a diet and exercise program, but the thing is to find a decent one that gives good results and should be easy to stick in the long run. Getting regular exercise and eating healthy will get you in shape and make you feel better.

Quit Smoking


Smoking is a bad habit that many people don’t know how to quit, it is dangerous for your health and burns a hole in your wallet. Want to quit smoking? Fear that you have failed too many times? On an average, smokers will try about four times before quitting. New Year is the right time to start trying again. If you talk to any ex-smoker, you will come to know that multiple attempts are the path to success. You must try different methods and find the one that works. You must be prepared to dedicate a lot of will power to quit smoking.

Get Quality Sleep


Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your life. With big TVs, Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets with glowing lights and beeping alerts, it’s difficult to get a goodnight sleep. You must get a minimum of 8 hours sleep at night to be active on the next day. Set a realistic bedtime that suits your lifestyle. If you are enjoying good night sleep, you should wake up naturally without the need of an alarm.

Start Saving Money


Save money by making changes in your healthy lifestyle. If your debt is under control, it’s the right time to start saving your money. Start exercising at home by cutting back your memberships at your gym. Also, cut down on all the unwanted shopping and food habits (especially, the unwanted junk food outside).

Boost Your Energy in 10 Minutes

Feeling low? No problem, check out these tips that lower stress levels, makes you feel refreshed, and increase your energy levels in just 10 minutes.

Boost Your Energy in 10 Minutes

Breathe through your belly

Breathe through your belly

Your body runs on many things, but the most important fuel is oxygen. You can try taking deep belly breaths, expanding ribcage and stomach by inhaling and pushing belly button into spine by breathing out. This way, you get more oxygen to your brain and body to give instant energy.




Exercise is an instant energy booster, and helpsoxygen-rich blood to flow through your heart, muscles and brain. Add a 10 minute exercise program in your daily routine to keep your energy levels at peak.

Female Stretch

Walking, stretching, doing asanas will also have great impact on your energy levels. At cellular level, mitochondria will kick into the gear to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which gives the required amount of energy for your body. Even walking makes your blood moving, so more oxygen will reach your tired command center. 10 minute brisk walk improves your energy levels for more than 2 hours.

Sitting at your desk for long periods of time can make you stiff and sleepy. Try some yoga poses or just try touching your toes and reach the sky, and repeat. Just moving around or stretching will boost your energy levels.

Drink some water


One of the biggest signs of tiredness or low energy is that you are dehydrated. Water helps in both body regulation and brain function, also connected to balance your mood. If your focus is not sharp, you must drink some water to boost your alertness and energy levels. Dehydration may cause fatigue. You need not follow the strict rule of taking eight glasses per day, but you must take enough water to keep your body hydrated. Your body is hydrated only when you don’t feel thirsty and your urine color is light.

Eat your breakfast


People who take breakfast every morning will be more energetic than people who skip it. You must take foods rich in fiber like hot oatmeal, stick with you for long time than having a pastry or sweet roll. Your body digests fiber slowly, which can supply long-lasting energy in the day time. They prevent you from feeling hungry. Hunger may lead to tiredness or low energy.

Listen to some upbeat tunes


Most of the people can’t work out without their favorite tunes, and they synchronize their expressions and movements to the beats. The right music can change your feeling and mood. So, create a playlist of songs with energetic beat to refresh and improve your day.



Does laughing have health benefits? Yes, the evidence may not be clear but there is no deny that laughing makes you feel good. So, look for something that make you laugh in your break time like reading your favorite blog or watching some funny clips on YouTube. Laughing increases your blood pressure and the feel-good neurotransmitter levels.

Munch on pumpkin seeds


Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, and this mineral helps in increasing your energy levels. The food sources for magnesium –cashews, almonds, spinach, halibut and soybeans.



Top Apps to Boost Your Happiness

Top Apps to Boost Your Happiness



By simply.vision

analyze.life was developed by Simply Vision Tech Ltd.

It helps in understanding, engaging and increasing your happiness. What makes you happy? What is your happiness progress? What is your mood now? Download the app to get answers for all these questions.

You get better insights when your life’s data is tracked more. Track regularly to get clear picture of your life.

You can now track and understand your life better with this app.

Track your life and engage your happiness!




By Happify, Inc.

Happify was developed by Happify.Inc. This app helps you to create habits for leading a happier and fulfilling life. Our program trains you to disrupt patterns of managing stress, negative thinking, and building skills to face life challenges.


  • You can join a 4-week happiness track developed by an expert.
  • Wide range of happiness-boosting activities on the go.
  • Enjoy activities, games, quizzes and polls while tracking your life.
  • Get support from Happify community.



BeHppy: Give Back to Charity by Sharing Your Happiness

By FlexYourHappiness Inc.

BeHppy network facilitates and promotes happiness across the world. Share your happiness through photos and thoughts without the need of social networking. The smiles and replies you get from others will give you a chance to donate for charity. Get inspired by the happy moments posted by the worldwide community.

What’s New in Version 2.0?

BeHappy has great impact on global happiness: the smile and replies will be connected to Happy Coins that can be redeemed for charity by the sponsors. Share your donations on social media so that your friends can join and contribute to increase happiness across the world.



Positive Thinking – The Key to Happiness

By TapCoder.com

Find the key for a change of life with Positive Thinking. This application was developed by TapCoder.com. The power of positive thinking will make you healthy, successful and happy, and helps in improving your self-esteem. People don’t know how to be positive and what makes them happy. Learn how to increase positive thinking, and take suggestions to build a positive attitude. Also, you will find some inspirational and motivational quotes.

Positive Thinking


Happy Now

By Ronald Barr

Happy Now helps in identifying which elements of your life will contribute to your happiness. It uses sophisticated algorithm to correlate your health, mood, energy and spirit with the things you consume and do. You get suggestions and support about which parts of your life are helping you.

How to use this app?

  • Identify ways that you want to improve your life. Are you exercising regularly? Taking healthy foods? Having coffee? Taking any herbal supplements or drugs? Select some four to five things and commit to trace them.
  • It takes 2 taps to track these elements with this app.
  • Register your mood occasionally.

Initially, you will get affirmations once or twice a day and they are general pick-me ups. When your details are entered, the affirmations will be more personal.

happy now

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Are you looking for pregnancy tips? Here are the tips that ensure you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

pregnancy tips

Educate Yourself

Attending a childbirth class will make you ready for baby delivery. You can learn about childbirth & infant care, and can voice if you have any concerns. Now, it’s the right time to brush up your family medical history. Discuss with your doctor about issues with previous pregnancies, and explain if there are any family incidences of birth defects.



Good exercise helps you with weight control, improves blood circulation, and boosts your mood.  Also, it helps in getting back to the shape after your child birth. Pilates, yoga, walking, and swimming are few great activities recommended for pregnant women. But, make sure you consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise on regular basis.

Practice Kegels

Practice Kegels

Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles supporting your bowel, bladder, and uterus. These exercises also help in preventing or controlling urinary incontinence. It makes delivery easy without any birth and labor complications.

 Track Your Weight Gain


We know – you are eating for two, so gaining weight is commonly seen in pregnant women. At the same time, not gaining enough weight will put the baby at risk of a low-weight birth. Here, we discuss the recommendations of Institute of Medicine based on woman’s BMI before becoming pregnant.

  • Underweight: Gain 28-40 pounds
  • Normal weight: Gain 25-35 pounds
  • Overweight: Gain 15-25 pounds
  • Obese: Gain 11-20 pounds

Get Some Rest


The best way to have a good night sleep is to practice relaxation techniques such as breathing, stretching, yoga and massage. Just listen to your body and decide how many hours of sleep you need.


no alcohol

Just say no to alcohol when you are pregnant. The alcohol you take will directly reach your baby through blood stream, crossing placenta, and your baby will have more alcohol levels than you have. A research states that moms who take one drink per week are more likely to have kids who later show aggressive behavior than non-drinkers. (Reference: http://www.babycenter.com/0_drinking-alcohol-during-pregnancy_3542.bc ). Pregnant women who take two drinks a day are at higher risk for giving birth to a baby with a special condition known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

Stop Smoking


Smoking is highly dangerous for pregnant women. It increases the risk of growth problems, placental abruption, miscarriage and premature delivery. Some research also states that smoking increases the risk of having a baby with a cleft lip or palate. It’s never too late to quit smoking, and the each unlighted cigarette will give a healthy life to your baby. Quit smoking and also stay away from secondhand smoke.

So, it is recommended to follow these tips to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Top 5 Strength-Training Exercises You Need to Know


Strength-Training Exercises



Bridge, this is a classic strength training exercise targeting abs and butt while opening up chest, which need a stretch when you spend more time in front of system. Also, you can work on inner thighs by adding a yoga block or ball between your knees. Simply, start by lying on your back with knees bent and feet planted on floor hip distance apart. When you contract ab and butt muscles, pelvis is pushed upward, away from floor. Make sure ribs align with pelvis and the knees are above your heels. Lower your hips and pelvis above floor and pause. Now, repeat the process by raising your hips back to high position.



It helps in correcting body imbalances and postures, as well as improving butt muscles. Simply, hold two dumbbells in front of thighs with knuckles pointing outward, keeping knees bent and arms straight. Bend slowly at hip joint, not the waist, and lower weights without rounding your back, which should be straight. Keep your spin neutral with a low-back arch, with shoulders down. Looking ahead, not at ground, will helps to stop rounding your back. Keep barbells or weights nearby your legs. Don’t round your spine.



Use lungs to improve flexibility and balance while strengthening lower-body muscles. Upper body is set straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed. Step ahead with one leg, and lower your hips until knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep your front knee above your ankle, don’t move too far, and see that your other knee will not touch the floor. Keep weight in your heels as you move back to your initial position.




This move challenges your balance and perfectly engages muscles for a successful gym basic. Face the floor and rest on your knees. Keep your palms on mat by your head, shoulder-width a part. Palms should be flat, spread fingers to support weight and take strain from wrists. Now, step your legs behind you and rest on toes. Contract your abs to avoid butts from tumbling or sticking. Abs and floor should be parallel, and abs pulling towards ceiling.



It’s the old favorite straightening exercise for upper body, but dangerous if it is not done correctly. You must know these four things before staring a Push-Up – body alignment, abs, hands and breath. First, get into plank position, and align shoulders on wrists and spread your fingers and palms. As you lower down, pull the belly button, and keep spine straight so that your body is now in a straight line. Bend elbows outward to sides. Connect your breath (inhaling and exhaling) while doing these movements.

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Prevent Heart Disease

Healthy Habits to Prevent Heart Disease

Here, we present the best 5 healthy habits to prevent or lower the risk of your heart disease.

Manage Stress


Feeling tensed or plagued by stomach upsets or headaches? Stress might be the reason. Stress will not only cause irritating physical symptoms, it can spike your risk of heart disease. High stress is linked with factors that may lead to heart disease which includes high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, drinking alcohol and taking unhealthy foods. First, identify the root cause of your anxiety to lower your stress levels. By knowing your triggers, you can start changing your reaction towards them. Regular exercise, eating nutritious and healthy food, chatting or taking with friends, and allowing time to yourself to get refreshed will help in reducing stress and make you live a healthy life.

Eat Healthy

eat healthy

AHA recently developed dietary guidelines that help to better understand how to eat healthy and lower your risk of heart diseases.

Eating right means:

  • Taking more fruits, vegetables, poultry, whole grains, fish, low fat dairy and nuts
  • Stop eating foods with high sodium levels
  • Avoid eating red meat, sugary and processed foods

Preparing a healthy meal and snack options is the right way to prevent and lower your risk of heart diseases. It is recommended to take the diet rich in fiber and low in fat, to keep your heart on the track or healthy. To know more about healthy diet, you must consult an expert or dietitian and take the tips.



It’s recommended to exercise regularly. We all know the benefits of doing exercise every day, so let’s put in on the top of our “to do list” items. Regular physical activity has huge benefits such as reduces stress, lower pressure, increase HDL cholesterol, lose weight, etc. It’s easy to add physical movement in your everyday life. Walk instead of driving, select stairs over the lift, and limit your time in front of TV or computer. If you are too busy, break up your workouts into 10 minute blocks to help you reach the final goal of recommended 150 minutes per week. To become physically fit, 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is recommended by the American Council on Exercise. Doing aerobic exercise with large muscles of legs and muscles regularly for about 30 to 60 minutes makes your heart work more efficiently. Also, regular physical activity improves your flexibility, strength, and helps you to be active as you age.

Get Enough Sleep

Woman sleeping

Skimping on sleep will increase the risk of heart disease. The people who have poor sleep are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes and weight problems, which result in heart disease. A minimum sleep of seven hours each night is mandatory to lower your chances of heart disease. Make sure to keep your bedroom cool and dark, and sticking to a perfect sleep schedule everyday helps in getting quality sleep.

Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your health and research states that smoking increases risk of heart disease. Women smokers have 25% more chances to get heart diseases than men smokers. It’s the right time to quit smoking. Quitting smoking can make you free from not only the heart disease but also helps in gaining back 13 to 14 years of your life. So, increase your life span by quitting smoking.

Top 5 Expert Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep hygiene? No, this is not about brushing your teeth before going to bed. It refers to a wide variety of different practices that ensure normal, quality goodnight sleep and full daytime alertness.

Expert Tips for Netter Sleep

These best practices help in improving your quality of sleep and boost your waking energy. Next, you should know how much sleep per night is required to attain sleep hygiene. Millions of Americans will not get the required amount of sleep per night. But, these simple tips from the experts can make your sleepless nights into restful ones.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule


Make a habit of going to bed and getting up from the bed at the same time each day, even on the weekends and holidays. This consistency reinforces your sleep-wake cycle and helps in promoting sleep hygiene. If you don’t get sleep within 15 minutes then simply do something relaxing and sleep. So, keep a regular sleep routine and follow it.

Know What to Eat and Drink


One should not go to bed either over stuffed or hungry. This discomfort will keep you awake. Limit your drink before going to bed, to prevent disturbing middle of the night trips to toilet. Taking products containing Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before going to sleep will have bad impact on your sleep. The stimulating effects of caffeine and nicotine take several hours to wear off and can destroy your quality sleep. First, you feel sleepy after consuming alcohol but your sleep gets disturbed completely later in the night.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment and Get Comfortable

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment and Get Comfortable

Make your room ideal for sleeping. This means cool, quite and dark room is mandatory. Turn out lights and use light-blocking curtains or room darkening shades, fan or other devices to create an environment that perfectly suits your needs. White noise machines or ear plugs will help in blocking the sounds when you are in a noisy environment. Your selection of mattress and pillow has great impact on your sleep. So, it’s necessary to create a sleep-friendly environment to improve your sleep quality.

Limit Daytime Naps

workplace nap

Daytime naps can disturb your nighttime sleep, specifically when you are suffering from health complexities like insomnia or poor sleep. If you select to nap during the day time then please limit yourself to 10 to 30 minutes only in the noon time. These rules will not be applicable for the people who are working nightshifts. In this case, close your windows before going to sleep so that you will not get distracted by sunlight. So, you will enjoy a quality sleep by adjusting and limiting your daytime naps.

Physical Activity


Physical activity on regular basis helps in promoting better sleep, you fall asleep quick and enjoy the deeper. Regular exercise can make you sleep soundly, but it disruptive when you do before going to bed. Make it a habit of doing exercise or any other physical activity early in the day.