Surprising Ways You’re Destroying Your Teeth

Do you love your smile? It’s a window to happiness and cheerful moments, so it is important that you care about your oral health, especially your teeth. Here, we discuss some actions that may harm your teeth without you knowing.

Surprising Ways You're Destroying Your Teeth

Not Visiting the Dentist


You brush, floss, and also use specific dental tools you bought from the drugstore to remove plaque, but you still should go for a regular cleaning. Consider your mouth as a machine. To keep your teeth running smoothly, you must visit your dentist for checkup on a regular basis. Make sure to make an appointment at least once every six months.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Mouth as a Tool

Many people have a habit of biting nails, and opening bags with their teeth. Spend some extra time searching for the scissors or the bottle opener instead of opening a bag with your teeth, you will damage them.

Side to Side Brushing


You should brush your teeth daily and perfectly. Most people brush with a side to side motion but the correct way is to brush in a circular motion. In a side to side motion, your teeth will not be cleaned properly and the chances of growing plaque betweenthe joins of your teeth is higher.

Acidic Food and Drinks in Moderation

Acidic Food

Stay away from citrus fruit and juices, like the following:

  • Lemons and limes
  • Sport drinks
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange juice
  • Sour gummies (candy)
  • Diet soda

Also wine, red or white, is not good for your oral health. Always remember to brush your teeth after their intake. All the above-listed drinks and fruit will have direct impact on your enamel, which cannot be regenerated once lost. Enamel acts as a protective shell for the overall health of your teeth. Nerves underneath can be exposed, and sensitivity from extreme hot and cold will cause you pain. If you are unable to cut out these fruit and drinks from your diet, consider having them with water or cheese to neutralize the pH.It’s better to drink through a straw to minimize swishing acidic drinks in your mouth.

Drinking Alcohol

drinking alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are acidic, and they erode and damage your teeth. As we said before, wine is also not good since it comes from grapes, which are highly acidic fruit.

Interestingly, Italian wine is better than French wine because their grapes are less acidic.



Often when you are on medication, your mouth becomes dry. The saliva in your mouth dries up, andis potentially dangerous as it leaves your teeth exposed to enamel erosion. This results in potential cavities and gum problems.

If you are taking medication regularly, make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your mouth hydrated. Having asugar-free hard candy and chewing sugar-free gum will help in stimulating saliva production.



The chemicals added into swimming pools, mainly chlorine,will cause enamel erosion. Swallowing water from the pool is highly dangerous for your teeth because it’s chemical choked water.

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