Old Fashioned Wellbeing Practices

Wellbeing is about two things: how people feel and how they function in their lives. Simply, it’s more than happiness or being well. How people feel refers to joy, happiness, sadness, interest and anxiety. How people function refers to proficiency, engagement, personal relationships, and sense of purpose in your life. Wellbeing is influenced by numerous factors such as genes, experiences and environments.
Some people romanticize past, some brush it off, but in both ways there’s some knowledge you get from generations. Now, we are talking about the ‘grandma era’, well known for perfect practical solutions, common sense and living clean. My grandma is energetic, and led an active and happy life without facing any complex diseases. Check out some of the favorite grandmotherly habits that are too precious to lose.


Go for a walk

Urban people and habitual walkers will know the importance of walking, but for others it’s fair to know, walking is fabulous for both body and soul. If you stay in an area that requires driving, go back to your grandmother tradition by taking a walk after dinner.
There are numerous health benefits just by walking for about 40 minutes in a day, decreasing heart stroke risk, breast cancer and diabetes. If you have a chance to walk somewhere then take it.

Cook from starch

There were no processed foods (other than the food from tins), so food is made from starch by grandma. The food is free from trans fats from food additives, vegetable oils, flavorings or preservatives that are most commonly found in today’s packaged foods. This helps in keeping her weight stable and hormones in a balanced state.
Grandma ate local, seasonal and organic food
There were no supermarkets, and the food was grown, organic and seasonal. This means the food she ate was fresh and rich in nutrients. She was less exposed to processed foods, plastic wrapping and pesticides than today’s women.


Use natural remedies

When grandpa had a cough, did grandma take him to the 24-hour pharmacy and spent $10 for a day-glow mixture of synthetic chemicals? No, she just gave him some honey, and it’s a fact that honey is the perfect treatment for cough than the readily available cough syrup. Why do you want to spend too much money on the questionable chemicals to treat woes when the natural medicine is available?

Stress Management

Our grandmas didn’t live the same stressful and complex life we live today. She had the stress but not the same ones, it’s different. She didn’t have a pressured career or tough job with targets and deadlines. She was not exposed to fast and hectic world of TV, gadgets, mobiles, and social media. She worked hard but when relaxed she didn’t have all these distractions. She had a chance to switch off everything before sleep without worrying about her to-do list. Stress is the main reason for chronic diseases, and our life is full of stresses that can’t be switched off.


Cleaning the house

Our grandma didn’t go for highly toxic products like acidic drain products, acidic toilet cleaners, oven cleaners or some other harmful chemicals that cause headache and respiratory irritation. Simply, she went to the kitchen and broke out baking soda and vinegar. All these products are safer, cheaper, and environment friendly in many ways. Also, they clean perfectly too!
Today’s life has increased our longevity with emergency care and medications, and not done a lot for nutrition and complete health. Just turn back the clock, you will learn a lot from the traditions in the era of our grandparents.

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