How to lower cholesterol in few steps?

A health seeker who had recently taken cholesterol test at any of their friends or relations is often eager to know the ways to decrease their cholesterol levels in the body when they found their number high. Know your percentage of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol levels and take action if bad cholesterol (LDL) is more.

Few people are desperate to reduce their cholesterol levels but busy scheduling will be dragging them back from maintaining moderate levels. Here are quick steps which can be easily followed for lowering cholesterol:

  • Include exercise in your daily lifestyle: As majority of people are having sedentary lifestyle at present, including exercise in activities like taking staircase instead of lift, going out for bringing vegetables by walk, especially on weekends kind of little variations in lifestyle can be helpful.


  • Decrease levels of stress: Probabilities of increment in cholesterol are higher with increase in stress so keep control on stress by diverting yourself in work or using stress ball or eating anti-inflammatory food like that of berries, dark chocolate and dark green leafy vegetables.


  • Substitute butter with olive oil: In your morning breakfast it’s good to opt for bread with olive oil instead of bread as it aids in decreasing bad cholesterol up to fifteen percent. Less processed oil is more beneficial in this case so explore and purchase extra virgin olive oil for your diet.


  • Cheers with red wine within limit: In few cases it was observed that consumption of red wine in just a small glass daily had showed improvements in cholesterol levels so alcohol lovers here is a good news for you!!!


  • Stop smoking: avoid smoking cigarette as much as possible.

stop smoking

  • Keep track of your body weight:  Have a check on your weight often as increase in weight of your body can be due to more cholesterol levels. Keep weight machine in your house and have a glance on weight for a week or see to track differences.

weight checking machine

  • Other diets which make taste buds feel happy and help reduce risk: Avocado, Fruits: apple and peers; Nuts: Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts; Bountiful beans: Kidney beans, lentils and black beans.


  • Yogurt and Orange Juice: These contain plant sterols in it which contribute in decreasing six to fifteen percent cholesterol in the body.


orange juice

Hope these steps bon busy schedulers to take step in concentrating on their health and decrease cholesterol levels. Not taking proper steps in controlling cholesterol have probabilities of accelerating heart disease risk so go-ahead and save your life. Enjoy diet and exercise adequate by adjusting your schedule, Bon Appetite and Happy Exercising!!!!

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