Healthy snacks for in between meals

Who doesn’t know it, the feeling between meals, to eat something and feel good at the same time. People at their workplace who feel worn-out are unable to concentrate and the cravings for something to eat won’t help either. What to do? In order to feel comfortable and good at the same time,  healthy snacks for in between are essential. There are a few things you can do to achieve just that.

What are healthy snacks?

A small and healthy snack in between meals can be literally a life saver. You can and should prepare it easily yourself in advance or choose from a wide range of products, such as energy bars, prepared and packed handy pieces of fruits, vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, some or most of the prepared snacks turn out to be junk food and certainly not suitable for people with special dietary needs or who suffer from raised cholesterol. One should always try and select snacks that are both satisfying and healthy. The body should be supplied with important nutrients and able to eliminate the feeling of hunger.

How healthy snacks effect the body and well-being

Anyone who is bit concerned about eating healthy will certainly have heard about the so-called food pyramid. A balanced, healthy and above all regular healthy snack provides our body with valuable energy,  for example fibre and carbohydrates from whole grains such as rice, bread or pasta. In order to keep the blood sugar at a constant level, snack foods in the form of vegetables, fruit or vegetables are recommended. It is important to spread healthy snacks for the office during the working day.

What is and how to make healthy snacks?

The healthy snack for in between should be tailored to the overall diet of the person concerned; low in cholesterol, low in fat, high in vitamins and naturally quick to prepare. The following  list shows ten snacks that meet exactly these requirements.

  1. An apple or other fruits, portioned
  2. A hearty dip from soft-boiled, seasoned and cooked chickpeas, also known as humus, with carrot sticks or pepper slices
  3. Cottage cheese or low-fat curd, which can mixed with either fruits or healthy nuts (Walnuts or Brazil-Nuts)
  4. Cut and portioned celery, with a low fat and low-calorie dip, e.g. made from yogurt, low fat curd cheese, cottage cheese
  5. Low-fat chicken or turkey breast with avocado slices
  6. One or two slices of wholemeal bread, with low-fat and low-cholesterol spread, from Eat Well and/or other producers
  7. Fresh tomato or avocado slices seasoned with a little salt and pepper
  8. Cooked tuna in brine, not oil, prepared as salad
  9. Rice crackers with or without spread
  10. Trail Mix – A mixture of raisins and healthy nuts

Tips for controlling the bigger appetite

In many cases, time is short, but the greater hunger. In general you should pay attention the visit to the canteen during work breaks; make sure to select only a  healthy, balanced diet, low in fat in order to feel good. It is also recommended to do some research for healthy snack recipes. Prepare the above healthy snacks best at home, before work and take your time. This helps you to avoid unnecessary stress, which can also affect your well-being and sense of hunger.

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