Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is considered as the best health drink which is easily available. It is essential to maintain required fluid levels in our bodies for good health. It is advised to drink filtered water but we need to make sure that it is not done excessively which makes it free from essential minerals. Drinking water adequately benefits us in many ways which we may not even aware of. Let us know few benefits of drinking enough water by going one step deeper.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Based on size, 50-60% of human body is composed of water. When there is outflow of liquids from our body, it is essential to balance it by consuming water accordingly to keep ourselves healthy and rejuvenated. According to Institute of Medicine, it is recommended to drink 3 liters of water for men and 2.2 liters for women every day.(Reference:

Major health benefits of drinking water

1) Avoid fatigue:

fatigueWhen water levels in the body go down, we feel tired and end up in fatigue, which is the first sign of dehydration. It pressurizes heart in pumping oxygenated blood when there is decrease in water level. Proper intake of water can avoid such situations.

2) Relieves from headache:

headacheDehydrated body shows the signs of headache and migraine sooner than normal one. One quick solution for this problem is to grab and have plenty of water which has all potential to lower the pain and return to normal.

3) Better digestion:

better digestionA healthy water level in the body helps in proper digestion by enhancing the metabolism rate and maintaining regular bowel movements. Water from stool is pulled by colon to balance hydration and hardens the flow which leads to constipation. This phenomenon can be avoided by regular intake of water. Drinking lukewarm water on empty stomach improves digestion.

4) Gets rid of toxins:

It is well known that water is the best detoxifier. Most of the toxins in our body can be flushed out in the form of urine by drinking adequate water. Functioning of kidneys can be improved. Salts and minerals which are responsible for formation of stones in kidneys can be diluted by water.

5) Helps in weight loss:

Wieght-LossWater is the best available calorie free drink. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water before having meals will suppress the appetite and regulates the food intake thereby contributing its part in your intention to lose weight. Water helps in eliminating the fat cells by breaking them down and helps to boost the pace at which fat is burnt.

6) Can make skin to glow:

glowing-skinSkin becomes dry and appears to have wrinkles when the body is dehydrated. Skin with proper moisture level appears glowing, which is possible through hydration. It may not reduce already formed wrinkles but can reduce further damage.

Now, reading all the above line nobody can think about any other drink which has all these benefits. It is advised to drink water adequately but excess consumption of water can put burden on kidneys. As we all know, excess of anything is dangerous.

Are you keeping track of how much water you drink a day? How do you do it?



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