Good Ways to Get Quality Protein

About Proteins

Proteins are the extremely important nutrients that your body requires to build muscle mass. They also help in the maintenance and repair of the tissues, cells and other organs in the body. Proteins contain amino acids that are the building blocks of the muscle mass.

Benefits of Proteins

Proteins are one among the three macro nutrients that your body requires. Proteins provide energy and calories to your body. They help in building muscles and also strengthen your bones. It keeps Arthritis, bone density, diabetes and other such problems far away from your body making you fit and strong. It also increases the metabolism in your body which will improve your immune system keeping all your health problems away.


Proteins not only take care of your health but they also give you better skin, hair and give your strong nails. So if you had hair fall, fragile nails and skin issues, now you know you have a fix for it when you start increasing the intake of your proteins.

Many of the people who would like to lose weight avoid their intake of protein but it is very important for you to know that proteins use a whole lot of energy to digest; hence, in the whole digestion process it will burn your calories. Having said that, you should make sure to include proteins in your diet but not take these in high quantity because it will build the mass of muscle.


However, many people get confused between fat and muscles. Building muscles will make you look lean and shaped and fat makes you look bulky and shapeless. That is why it is essential for you to intake protein because it builds muscles and not fat. Now that we understood what proteins are and why it is important for us, let us check out some sources that will provide these proteins to us.

Sources of Proteins


Proteins are usually found in animal products, but besides that there are many other sources like beans and nuts that can provide us these essential nutrients. Few of the food are as follows :

Animals products like – Chicken breasts, Fish, lean Beef, pork chops, turkey, tuna, ham, sausage, eggs (which is a running debate whether it is veg or non-veg, but it comes from the animal that’s why on this list)

Dairy products like – Yogurt, Cheese and milk

Some other products that contain proteins – Navy Beans, Soy, Peanut butter, legumes, Lentils, Mixed nuts, Quinoa and many food out there that you can eat for proteins.

So, there you are with the list of benefits that proteins have for you. It is however, highly recommended that you consult a dietician to check how much proteins are missing in your body and accordingly the doctor will prescribe the quantity of the proteins that is compulsory for you to take. If you don’t want to visit the dietician then researchers say that substituting 30% of your food intake with protein will make you a healthy person and allow you to live a better life.

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