Gift Ideas for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Christmas

When Jesus was born, presents were given by wise men – Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. In celebration to that now we give and receive gifts to each other.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Every country has a different way in following this tradition. In US, Santa Claus giving gifts shifted from lower classes to children.

Below are the gift ideas for Christmas categorised under women, men and kids:


  1. “Mink Stole”

milk stole

A navy faux-fur wrap for the 21st-century Grace Kelly, crazily soft and lavish, she doesn’t want to leave home without it. It’s a fantastic accessory for any official event; this wrap would be just apt with jeans and a white blouse.

  1. “Bath time bubbly”

Bath time bubbly

Bring cheer with champagne taste with this special-occasion sterilizer and moisturizer. The body wash is filled with shimmer for a radiant effect post-bath, while the lotion offers splendid moisture and slight fragrance throughout the day.

  1. “Three part server”

Three-Part Server

This is an attractive marble and mango-wood caddy for any topping or condiment, from olives to aioli grouped with a T-shaped handle for moving easily, this can be used throughout the year on all the occasions. It can be used for bar snacks in your cocktail party, condiments at a grill out, or sundae toppings in an ice-cream party.


  1. Bespoke Speaker

Bespoke Speaker

This is an ultimate sound of big systems in a complete handy Bluetooth version with a rechargeable battery.

  1. 007 Grooming Kit

007 Grooming Kit

This is an amazing kit concealing a shoehorn, nail clippers, and six pairs of extra collar stays. Get two—one for the desk drawers and the extra one to take on the road—so he’ll always look elegant.

  1. Engraved Brass Luggage tags

Engraved Brass Luggage tags

For a man who’s on the road, help him to stop the exertion to check in and fill out a fine paper luggage tag at the same time. This version is classier and will last for long time. The suit comes with three brass tags that can be printed with text up to four lines.


  1. Candy Land

Candy Land

Look at the above picture: Yep, there’s a kid inside the gingerbread house. Its life size is 6’6″ in height and made of 517 pounds of icing and 381 pounds of gingerbread, completely safe. Of course, its way out there on the gifts list, and your child will be happy decorating a mini version, but isn’t fun to think of eating your way through it?

  1. Home Game

Home Game

Forget a comfy recliner – baseball lovers can enjoy the bona fide ballgame experience from the comfort of their home with original seats from old Yankees stadium. The seats are same many a fan cheered from, right down to the seat numbers (two small changes: they’ve been arranged to stand upright, and the support had a fresh paint job). Also, the seats come with a letter from the New York Yankees to guarantee legitimacy.

  1. It’s Elementary

It's Elementary

Every child has ABC blocks, but how many have chemistry blocks? These nerdy-cool wooden blocks are decorated out with alphabets in the science version: The periodic table. They’re especially created for the ages two and up, so you can make your kid started young with this set of building blocks.

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