Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips



According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a woman who walks at least 4 hours per week is more likely to lose weight by 44% than a woman who doesn’t walk. Make sure you walk at least 45 minutes every day, which helps in melting 240 calories for your wellbeing support. Get off the bus or train one stop before and take few steps. Also take the stairs instead of elevators. This will increase the number of calories burnt per day, and thereby helps in dropping your pounds.

Don’t skip your breakfast

healthy breakfast

Research states that having breakfast at the right time helps in controlling your weight. Most of the people think skipping breakfast can reduce their weight but it’s wrong and you will miss essential nutrients required for your body. This way, you feel hungry and snack more throughout the day. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes after you wake up from the bed. This makes your metabolism working and helps in burning calories. It’s recommended to have a healthy mix of protein and whole grains of 300 calories in your breakfast.

Eat clean to lose weight

fruits and vegetables

If you are trying to take off weight, adopting a clean-eating lifestyle will give you better results. Processed foods should be replaced with natural, unrefined choices might seemtough at first, but slowly it makes you feel good. Every morning start with a smart sip of a healthy green juice or a mix of hot water and lemon juice before breakfast. Kick out refined carbs, and take fiber foods, which supports your digestion and increase your energy levels. Fueling up with coffee can make you feel anxious and vague, so swap with anantioxidant-rich green tea. Hydration is vital to a healthy lifestyle and sipping on water throughout the night makes you feel energized and focused the next morning. So, adopt a healthy eating lifestyle to lose your weight.

Cut down on alcohol


Do you know a standard glass of wine contain many calories as a chocolate piece, and a pint of lager has equal calories of a crisps packet?Alcohol and weight loss are the greatest enemies, but occasional drink will have place in a healthy lifestyle. Overtime, drinking alcohol regularly will make you gain weight. Vodka and gin are less calorific than other alcoholic drinks. Research states that the people who take alcohol in moderation are less likely to be obese than non-drinkers. But,if the alcohol consumption is more then it results in overweight and obesity.

Lose weight by sleeping more

sleep more

A recent study states that more hours in sack make you slim down by decreasing the control of your genes on your weight. Body weight is shaped by both genetic and environmental factors that combine to shape how much you weigh. If you get less sleep then your genes contribute more to your weight gain, and vice versa. Sleeping more than 9 hours per night will decrease the influence of your genes on your weight. This gives more power to environmental factors like exercise and diet, which can be controlled. Trying different workouts will give you good night’s sleep, which helps in losing even more weight.

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