Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever

If you really love yourself then quit smoking. When you smoke, you are slowly killing yourself. Whether you’re a teen smoker or lifetime smoker, quitting is tough. Quitting smoking can be hard or easy, and it depends on how you go about it. But, you can break the addiction by following a perfect quit smoking plan. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 48 million adults are former smokers. Here, we discuss some vital tips that help you to quit smoking.

Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever

Know Why You Want to Quit

Want to quit smoking? But do you know why? It’s bad for your health. You need a strong reason to quit smoking such as protecting your family from secondhand smoke, lung cancer and to look younger. So, select a strong reason that really helps you to quit smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

When you stop smoking, it’s difficult for your body to get adjusted. So, ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, it makes you feel comfort during the initial stage of withdrawal period. This therapy helps in reducing the feelings caused by nicotine withdrawal like depression, frustration, anger and more. You can reduce these feelings by opting for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Studies state that nicotine gum, patches and lozenges will double your chances of quitting smoking when used with serious behavioral program. But, make sure to know that these products are not recommended when you are smoking.

Don’t Go It Alone

Tell your colleagues, friends and family members that you’re trying to give up. Their encouragement makes all the difference. It’s also recommended to join some support groups or talk to a counselor. You can opt for behavioral therapy, it’s a counseling that helps in identifying and sticking to quit smoking approach. To get best results, combine behavioral therapy with nicotine replacement therapy.

Manage Stress

The main reason people smoke is to get some relaxation from stress. But, you can cope of stress by listening to music or learning yoga. Go to a spa, it helps in managing your stress even more. Moreover, avoid stressful situations so that you won’t be tempted to lighting up a cigarette.

Physical Activity

Physical activity, it’s the best way to get distracted from smoking. It helps in reducing nicotine cravings. So, put on your shoes and start running or move out by taking your dog. Also, enrolling in a gym or engaging in a sport will divert your attention.


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