Best Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Most of us ladies find it hard to select the right outfit. We keep turning our wardrobes upside down every time we’ve got to dress up. But these fashion tips have just made our lives easy-breezy. 8 simple tips that let you look best at the event you’ve been planning to go to, for months! Take a look…

Clothing Tips For Women

Shop with a Plan

Shop with a Plan

If you have an upcoming event, don’t just walk into the store without any direction. It’s better to know what kind of dress you are looking for, and shop accordingly. Whether you want to purchase a dress for your wedding or just to attend a black-tie event, you will spend a lot of time selecting the desired outfit. To be effective and satisfactory, go shopping with proper hairstyle, shoes, makeup to get a good picture.

The Skin Show Rules

The Skin Show Rules

The Skin Show Rules

The most important rule of skin show is – expose only one area of skin at a time. For example, if you are wearing a short skirt then cover your cleavage, and cover your legs if you are to expose your cleavage. Looking sexy and feeling pretty will not depend on how naked you are.

Make Clothes Work for You

nude pumpsMake Clothes Work for You

It’s easy to select the right clothes. Depending on how your body is built, you should articulate your features in the best way. For example: You can make your torso look longer by wearing a V-neck, and wearing nude pumps will add length to your legs. Accept your shape and try to love all its flaws.

Purchase Best-Quality Cashmere


It’s very expensive to buy, so pay attention to the quality. You may end up getting a highly paid poor quality sweater, so check for the thick knitted clothes. When you stretch the quality cashmere, it pulls back.

Be Smart While Purchasing a Jacket


The most important rule to be followed while purchasing jackets, blazers and coats is they should fit your shoulders perfectly. Don’t buy if it’s too tight or too wide, because it’s not an easy thing to alter, even if you have a good tailor.

Accessorize with Bold Colors

Accessorize with Bold Colors

Accessorizing will add a personal touch to the outfit. The way you accessorize is a key part of your lifestyle. While buying accessories, it’s better to go for wild colors.

A Comfortable Outfit is Mandatory for a Fun Night Out

comfortable dress

If you don’t select the right clothing items, you will end up fixing your outfit every few minutes, unable to enjoy the party or night out. Start by picking up comfy shoes, and coordinate your dressing with them. Make sure to fit all the items suitably so that nothing slips. Also, it is recommended to carry a sturdy chain bag, so that your hands remain free.

Old Things Must Go

old clothes in your wardrobe

There is no room for change if you don’t make it yourself. If you haven’t worn it in the whole year, then toss it. There’s no point in having old clothes in your wardrobe, they just fill your space. Open up your closest and have a look at your clothes. Ask yourself a simple question – if you are in a store or a shopping mall, what items would you select from your closest? This is simple and you must try it once in awhile. The unwanted clothes shouldn’t be thrown, please donate them and feel better.

So girls, it’s time to clear those cramped-up closets of ours and make room for those new shiny boots. Just kidding. Okay, I’m not. Okay, yeah, I’m kidding. Let’s make some smart choices and… Okay, I wasn’t kidding. We’re women! Who are we kidding! But these tips are sure to make us choose the right outfit for the right occasion with just what we have. This time I’m serious. So let’s go, girls, and get dressed, and draw some attention.

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