A Complete Guide for New Parents

Finally the day is coming close after waiting for 9 months taking good care of the going-to-be mother and now your world is going to change for the better. Becoming parents for the first time could be very challenging because there are so many dos and don’ts, you might be sitting there getting an anxiety attack thinking how to handle it all and do the best for the baby. This article is a small guide that you could read to keep in mind the most important things when your new member comes into your world.

Breastfeed your baby –

Breastfeed your baby

The first few days it is very important that your baby gets breastfed. There are two reasons for that. First – is of course the mother’s milk is said to be the healthiest and nutritious food for the baby as it also contains disease fighting substances, hence, the first 6 months it is very important that the baby gets breastfed. Second – Mother’s skin-to-skin contact is the first way for the baby to get to know you and feel safe and comforted. The baby needs to be kept close.

Baby’s hygiene –

Baby’s hygiene

For the first few days when the baby is born you don’t have to give them a bath, instead just give a sponge bath. Take a soft cotton cloth and wipe your baby. Also gently massage your baby in a way their bones and muscles get stronger with the baby oil. Also it is very important to keep changing the baby’s nappy. If the nappy is wet for too long then there is risk of rashes and infections and so it is very important to change the baby’s nappy every 3-4 hours although we get these diapers that stay dry for more hours.

Soothe your crying baby –

Soothe your crying baby

The main reason why your baby cries is if they are in any of discomfort and need some care. They could cry to say they are hungry, their nappy is so wet, there is too much of noise, needs pampering or they are just sleepy. With a few days spending with your baby you will know through your inner instinct itself as to what your baby needs, but those are the main reasons why the babies cry. So check your baby and check your soundings. They could also be crying because they are feeling sick so watch out for any kind of shift in your baby’s appearance.

Finding out if your baby is ill –

This could be a bit hard to find out because your infant has not starting talking but as you have been seeing them daily most of the times you will be able to find out easily that your baby is sick but if you’re not able to then check

  • Your baby’s temperature, they could be warm over all but have their hands and feet cold you need to check with the thermometer.
  • Check your baby’s breathing if it’s too throaty or they are breathing too rapidly finding it hard to suck their stomach into their ribs.
  • If they nappy’s aren’t very wet then it means they are dehydrate.
  • Check if they have pale, blue or blotchy skin.
  • Also if your baby is too hard to wake up and seems very disoriented.

Make your baby sleep –


Your baby needs proper rest they sleep every 2-3 hours during the day and night. Babies grow taller in their sleep. Not only do they grow taller but they have tons of bodily changes. So feed them your baby and make sure that your baby gets proper sleep every day.  These are few of the main guidelines that you need as a new parent. Hope it was useful.

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