8 Quick Tips for Healthy Hair

Woman drinks pure water from a glass

1. Hydrate Your Body

It’s always recommended to drink plenty of water to moisturize your hair properly from the inside out. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is an ideal choice. Keep a bottle on your side and start sipping from it!

Applying Oil to Hair

2. Oil the Scalp Frequently

One should make a habit of applying oil to hair regularly and use a gentle shampoo to remove it. Oiling the scalp is good for maintaining a healthy hair, but most of us never do it.

Brushing Wet Hair

3. Don’t Brush Your Hair When it is Wet

Wet hair is fragile than dry hair and breaks easily, so never brush or use a fine-toothed comb on your wet hair. The shaft and roots of your hair is more prone to breakage and cause huge damage for your hair when you comb on wet hair. Also, don’t be too harsh while shampooing as the hair fall starts from there. So, brushing hair immediately after the shower is not recommended.

Tight Hair

4. Don’t Braid Tightly During Bedtime

While sleeping in the night, loosely braid your hair preventing a frizzy mess, a side braid is an ideal choice. Open hair tends to knot it, means you need to subject to pulling and brushing on the next day. Even over brushing results in frizzy hair.

Healthy Eating for Hair Growth

5. Use Swimming Cap While Swimming

It is always recommended to use swimming cap to protect your hair when you are swimming. Before swimming, you can go for wetting and conditioning your hair to prevent the damaging effects of chlorine. Fix you swimming cap tightly and apply specially formulated swimmers shampoo and deep conditioner to restore the moisture lost.

6. Healthy Eating

One should make a habit of eating healthy food items to make their hair strong. Want to have a good and healthy hair? Eating right food at the right time is the perfect choice.
Make sure you food has certain nutrients like iron, vitamins and proteins as they are essential for proper hair growth. If you can’t get these essential nutrients from your diet then take supplements.
Vitamins A and E are mandatory for a healthy and shiny hair. Make sure you take food with rich proteins, which promotes perfect hair growth. The best sources of proteins are eggs and nuts.

Hair Conditioning

7. Deep Condition Once in a Week

A deep hot oil condition helps in making your hair shine by decreasing breakage, and can be integrated with household tasks. Take ¼ cup of your favorite oil – coconut oil, olive oil, almond, etc. heat it to warn so that you can handle with your hands.

Now, saturate your hair with this warm oil from root to the tip with your fingers. Wrap your head in shower cap, and wrap your head in a towel. The plastic and towel traps heat on your head, and permit oils to get into hair shaft. Wash it after 30 minutes or more, and see that complete oil is removed.

Too Many Hair Products

8. Don’t Use Too Many Products

Applying too many products on your hair will damage it. Most of the people have a habit of applying shampoos and conditioners but try to avoid products having chemicals. Also, you must stick to the product s of a one genuine brand than using multiple products.

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