6 Warning Signs Your Lips Are Giving You

Symptom #1: Swelling

Swollen lips is the result of getting hit in your mouth or it comes from an allergic reaction says Dr. Timothy Chase. Swelling – It’s the result of increase in size of your lips. Swelling is caused by build-up of fluid or irritation inside lip tissue. It has may causes – illness, injury, allergies and specific medications. Swollen lips can be a sign of a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis, which require immediate medical assistance. In some cases, swelling appears and disappears quickly, example: after sunburn or chapping. If the swelling develops over time and lasts longer then it results in an infection or serious health condition.


Symptom #2: Discoloration

In many cases, discolored lips are associated with brownish to brownish-gray color. The lips never become a full black color, but they reach colors like yellowish and bluish discoloration. It can be related to environmental causes, chemical, mechanical or electromagnetic destruction, systemic diseases, skin disorders and lifestyle factors. You must consult physician or dermatologist if discoloration is accompanied by other symptoms.


Symptom #3: Cracks at the edges

Nothing much to worry, it’s like a yeast infection. If you drool in your sleep or put an orthodontic retainer, bacteria build up around your mouth and cause an infection. You can fix this problem easily. Now, simply consult your primary care physician or a nearby dermatologist for taking anti-yeast medication.

Cracks at the edges

Symptom #4- Dry & Chapped

In general, the main reason for cracks in your lips is due to changes in wind and temperature. If your lips crack often then it is a fungal infection. You may be dehydrated, solve the problem by pouring a tall glass of water than swiping on another layer of lip balm. Saliva dries out your skin, making your lips to dry and likely to crack. Try exfoliating and moisturizing your lips, if your lips are rough even after dehydration.

Dry & Chapped

Symptom #5: Tenderness

Are your lips sensitive to touch? Do you have extra pink around the lip edges? Tenderness happens with more complex allergic reactions, but if you have slightly inflamed or red lips then you are allergic to something tropical or not serious, like lipstick or toothpaste.


Symptom #6: Cold Sores

Cold sores are the result of herpes virus, and you need not worry as the days were gone when people with herpes were subjected to whims of sore breakouts. Most commonly, people feel an itchy before the cold surface. If you feel that sensation then you can take some prescribed medication to suppress cold sore. It’s better to avoid triggers like extreme sunlight. It’s always recommended to wear sunscreen.

Cold sores

With so many negative symptoms, it’s difficult to know what’s good and normal. In general, your lips should be soft, smooth and pink. Want to have healthy lips? Want to maintain them? Drink plenty of water and visit your doctor if you face any non-healing lesions.

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